NC Vital Records: About Us

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NC Vital Records is part of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, and is located in Raleigh. In partnership with county registers of deeds offices, local health departments, and birthing facilities throughout the state, we are responsible for recording North Carolina vital events. This includes responsibility for:

  • legally registering all births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and divorces which occur in North Carolina
  • coding these events for statistical purposes
  • maintaining these records
  • and providing certified or uncertified copies to individuals, researchers, and public health programs.

Individual vital records are legal documents that are preserved in a secure environment and may be corrected, amended or replaced over time. Vital event information is computerized for health research, and the statistical data produced is used by government and public health officials to address health problems in North Carolina.

North Carolina has an active Vital Records Fraud Prevention Program. We cooperate with local, state, and federal officials to reduce fraudulent use of vital records and to identify criminal use of vital records. All original records are maintained in a secure, fire-resistant environment.

Management Staff

  • ClarLynda Williams-DeVane, PhD: Director, State Center for Health Statistics and State Registrar
  • Terra Ankrah, MBA: Strategic Director, NC Office of Vital Records
  • Tina Rodgers: Acting Deputy State Registrar
  • Rashaunte Hinnant: Partner Services Coordinator
  • Keshia Williams: Acting Accounting Unit Supervisor
  • Victoria Godwin: Fraud/Security Manager
  • Crystie Burnette: Acting Customer Service Unit Supervisor
  • Lori Tower: Amendments Supervisor
  • Nicola Sanders: Registrations Supervisor
  • Quiana Tilghman: Acting Field Services Supervisor
  • Teresa Applewhite: Acting Vital Records Systems Support Supervisor

Last Modified: December 30, 2021