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NC Vital Records: NCDAVE/EDRS

North Carolina Vital Records is implementing the N.C. Database Application for Vital Events (NCDAVE) system to transition from paper to electronic death records. The Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) is a secure, web-based, statewide online system used to electronically register death certificates.

The primary purpose of NCDAVE is to enable the users who provide decedent fact-of-death and cause-of-death information – funeral homes, medical certifiers and medical examiners – to file death records electronically with local registrars within the required five days after the death occurs, eliminating the need for physical transfer of paper certificates.

An 8-county NCDAVE pilot training and system implementation began in fall 2020, followed by a phased statewide rollout adding counties in five groups throughout 2021. Until the system is fully implemented across the state, death certificates will be registered using both the electronic system (by those already trained) and the paper-based process (by those still awaiting system training and access).

Benefits of NCDAVE/EDRS for those Responsible for Completing Death Certificates

  • Web-based: Use any computer with internet access.
  • Increased security: Sign certificates with a unique electronic signature.
  • Built-in error checking: Increases accuracy of death certificate information.
  • Real-time SSN verification with Social Security Administration.
  • Online collaboration for complete and accurate data and quick certification.
  • Less paperwork: Eliminates the need for paper forms.
  • Improved disease tracking for public health purposes.
  • Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Free online training in logging into and using NCDAVE will be provided to all those responsible for filling out death certificates. The classes are specific to each user’s role in death registration and include reference materials, as well as a user HELP line.


Last Modified: March 28, 2023