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NC Vital Records: Delayed Birth Certificates

A person born in North Carolina who is more than one year of age and for whom a birth certificate has not been registered may file a delayed certificate of birth with the register of deeds in the county of birth.

Before beginning the process of filing a delayed certificate of birth, you must first have a formal search done by North Carolina Vital Records to ensure that there is no certificate already on file. 

How to Start the Process of Requesting a Delayed Birth Certificate

Note: For children one year of age and under, contact the deputy registrar at the local health department in the county of birth for assistance in filing a standard birth certificate.

Next Steps

  • If no birth record is located in this office, a "NO RECORD FOUND" letter will be issued.
  • Take or send this letter to the register of deeds in the county of birth when you request a delayed certificate be filed. The register of deeds will inform you of its applicable fees.
  • The applicant will be required to provide documents proving the facts of birth.
  • N.C. Vital Records will not process the delayed birth certificate application until it has been processed in the county office.


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Last Modified: March 21, 2023