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NC Vital Records: General Issuance Status Request Form

Important Note Regarding Certificate Status Inquiries

Please refer to the estimated shipping and processing dates page for general issuance certificates before submitting a status inquiry form. It provides order processing dates for general issuance certificates based on service and certificate type and is typically updated at the end of each week. If your certificate order date is after the current processing date for the service and certificate type, then it most likely means we're still processing orders before we reach yours.

We have a backlog of orders to process and there is a lag time between payment processing and order completion and shipping, so if you recently placed an order, then submitting a status inquiry is generally not necessary and will not move you to the front of the processing line.

Note: Do not use this form to place new orders for certificates. This form is for status request inquiries for existing certificate orders or related certificate services listed in the form. Order a Certificate

Complete and submit the form below to initiate the process of checking the status of your request. Please allow staff time to review and research your status inquiry, then respond via the contact method you provide. Due to privacy, the response will include limited information related to the request status.

An asterisk indicates the field is required. Required fields are necessary to research your request.

1. Service and Event Details

  • The registrant is a person recorded on the event certificate. In the case of a recent birth, the registrant would be the newborn child.
  • For a marriage or divorce certificate status request, we need only one registrant name in combination with the other information. However, if you are the applicant, listing the other person as the registrant is suggested.

2. Application and Order Details

  • The applicant is the person who submitted/signed the application for the event certificate.
  • If the exact "Date of Certificate Request" is unknown, provide your best estimate. It is an optional field.
Characters Remaining:

3. Contact Details

Indicate whether you prefer to be contacted by email or phone regarding your request status. Email is suggested. One or the other is required. If you submitted contact information with your original application request, use the same email address or phone number.

4. Supplemental Contact and Referral Information

Are you submitting this form as a referral or follow-up from a review you left on Google? A Google review is not required, but if you did leave a Google review, then we need to know the Google account name (e.g., John Smith, Jane Jones, My Super Dog Fido 2019) associated with your Google review in order to match the name in your form submission back to your Google review. Providing your Google account name helps with research and subsequent communications, especially when name changes have occurred or alias account names (e.g., incomplete names, initials, nicknames, pet names, branding references) are used on Google.



Last Modified: January 4, 2023